Core Programs


The Independent Living Resource Center Calgary (ILRCC) turns 36 and unveils exciting recreation and entertainment programs. It’s been over 3 decades of improving lives, meeting friends, and learning; we are introducing some new programs such as Finances and budgeting, Literacy, Community Garden, Cooking from around the world, and American Sign Language.

We want to bring back our popular LEARN programs: Art, Yoga, Music and Movement, Bowling (when it is safe to gather) and so much more.

Membership Fee = $150 per individual for 3 months. This is for unlimited programs. You can attend as many programs as you want. Everyone who registers for June, July and August will be able to put their name in for a draw to receive $50.00 off their next registration.

All of our programs, except for Bowling will be virtual, with some limited in person space until we are able to have you come to our centre again.

Visit or call 403-263-6880 to find out more.

Make a difference… enjoy the summer…get back to doing something for you!!!




Manage Your Finances – Mondays from 11:00 – 12:00

Let’s start with a budget and make a plan to keep track of our money.

It is a series of 8 workshops, each session is 1 hour long.

Information about the classes:

  • Why don’t I have any money?
  • Where is my money going?
  • How much money do I have?
  • Starting a Budget
  • Completing your Budget
  • Understanding your Options, dealing with debt
  • Yes, there is a way to save money
  • Credit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Keep it Simple, short and long-term plan.


We are starting our planting season and there is still time to plant your vegetables!
Every other Saturday from 11:00 am- 12:00 pm. Zoom or in person.

We have a vegetable garden set up at our office

Cost: Free!
Topics could include:

  • Start your vegetable seeds
  • Learn how to grow and take care of your herbs
  • How to use your herbs for cooking
  • Start an outside or patio garden
  • What kind of soil to use, how much water, bugs can be your friends
  • Preserve your vegetables in the Fall
  • And many other weekly topics


Cooking – Wednesdays 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Classes run for 12 weeks.

Classes will start on Wednesdays.




Put Pen to Paper

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times.


Superstuff – Create your own superhero and then learn how to write the opening chapter of an exciting story.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times.

Simon Rose is a Calgary author of 15 novels and more than a hundred nonfiction books. Learn more at

Art and Crafts

Learn different styles and techniques for drawing and creating your own art pieces.

Classes run for 12 weeks

Classes will start on Tuesday from 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm.

The outcome would be to set up an online Art show and hopefully sell the drawings and the sales would be returned to the artist.

Monday Bowling

Monday Bowling is starting at Bowling Depot.

Classes run for 12 weeks. Classes will start on Mondays when we get permission from AHS and follow Covid guidelines. 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm.

Saturday Bowling

Classes run for 12 weeks. Classes will start on Saturdays when we get permission from AHS and follow Covid guidelines. Time TBD.

Sign Language

American Sign Language

Learn everyday conversation using ASL! Learn how to talk with your friends, children, parents, and co-workers who are Deaf.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm for 10 weeks



Gentle Yoga – Wednesdays from 10:30 – 11:30
This one hour class moves at a slow pace for people new to yoga or for those simply interested
in stretching and moving mindfully. Students will learn breathwork, terminology and basic
essential yoga poses, which include both standing and floor postures to create a foundation for
their practice. Emphasis is placed on detailed instruction cues and demonstration to guide
students in and out of poses safely, modifications and the use of props will also be incorporated.
This gentle yoga class focuses on stretching, breathing techniques and relaxation. Longer holds
combined with focused breathwork unwind and relax the body and, with that, the mind follows
and unwinds. This often results in having a more restful sleep.
Students are invited to use props and make modifications as needed as they become aware of
the body’s edges when practicing the Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light Principle. Props
or yoga equipment range from a pair of yoga blocks, a yoga strap (bathrobe belts are great!), a
chair, thick towels or blankets, bolsters or pillows, to using a wall. Suitable for all levels. No
experience or flexibility required.

Slow Flow Yoga – Thursdays from 10:30 – 11:30
For students who appreciate a movement based practice, in this one hour class breath and
movement are combined together with “mini” flows and posture holds to create a slow flow,
targeting the whole body to build strength, flexibility and balance. Like a moving meditation, this
slow flow class has a calming effect on the nervous system.
Students slow down the flow by taking several breaths in each pose, allowing adequate time to
make adjustments to help align the body and to also deepen the experience in the pose. Warm
up sequences such as Sun Salutations will be practiced and the body’s range of movement will
be explored through balance postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers. More
challenging variations of poses will be offered while keeping modifications and props in mind.
Classes start with a pranayama or breathing practice and end with a delicious relaxation or
savasana. Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome!

This will run for 8 weeks

Fee: $100.00


Music and Movement with DJ Sparkles – Mondays

Dance to the oldies, country, pop, and rock. Safely mingle with old and new friends on Monday mornings from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm through Zoom or limited spaces available at ILRCC. This will be a great time of music, movement, and community. DJ Sparkles is happy to take requests so put on your dancing shoes and join the fun!

This will run for 12 weeks.


Friday Night In and Around

We are replacing FNOA with Friday Night In and Around (FNIA) and will have different activities each Friday night. (Karaoke, Movie night, Games and Bingo – with prizes).

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times once Covid restrictions are lifted.

Friday Out and About

We are bringing you this new program once more restrictions have lifted. We will be going to various locations in the city and participating in a variety of activities. We are going to restrict our numbers in the beginning and will open to more people at a later date.

Times will be determined soon.