February is when we are starting to lose the enthusiasm of sticking with those New Year’s resolutions. It is getting a little harder to get yourself to the gym in the morning. It is cold outside and it is so much easier to stay in bed and stay warm. We know that sometimes we need an extra boost to get us going.

To help you get motivated again, we are declaring February Marathon month at the Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary (ILRCC). No, you don’t need to run a marathon, but our challenge to you is to complete the distance of a marathon (26 miles or 42.2 kilometres) in the month of February. You can walk, run, ride, roll, bike, row or swim. Whatever helps you to complete the distance. 42.2 km over the 28 days of February is 1.507 km per day or 10.55 km per week. Or, if this is too easy, multiply the distance.

Form a team to multiply activities. Multiple members can complete multiple types of activities. Do a team triathlon – one member runs, another bikes and another swims.

February is also Heart Month. By getting out and being active, we are helping to keep our hearts healthy. If we stay aware of what we are eating, along with our regular activity, we can reduce incidents of heart attack and stroke and achieve or maintain a healthy weight.