Personal Empowerment

What is the Personal Empowerment Program (PEP)?

We offer life skill-building opportunities through referrals, workshops, courses and presentations.

We offer transitional support through:

  • Referrals of services
  • Self-advocacy
  • Education and awareness


We cover topics that YOU want to know about. Our most commonly-requested topics include:

  • AISH applications and appeals
  • PDD funding applications
  • RDSP and DTC applications
  • Budgeting, taxes - how to set up and follow
  • Food resources
  • Diverse education and training opportunities
  • Physical and mental health wellness and awareness
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Networking and socializing
  • Peer Support

Did you know?

PEP supports anyone who is experiencing barriers due to physical, emotional, sensory and/or mental health concerns. This includes those with a diagnosed disability, and those who may not have an “official” diagnosis or families who live with a person with a disability.

What others are saying:

“Your Personal Empowerment rep has helped a number of clients with transition into adulthood services. AISH applications specifically, that has been very helpful. To have consultation about transition services is very useful.”


To learn more about the Personal Empowerment Program, please email or call (403) 263-6880.