Our Impact

Making a Difference

The Independent Living Resource Centre Calgary has been operating for more than 35 years, and is incredibly proud to have been serving our city and many of its communities. The ILRCC has helped transform the lives of many, and has provided an environment of care and attentiveness across the programs we currently provide.

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Our Volunteers Care

We strive to create a welcoming, accessible, fun and educational environment for all our clients, and we see the difference it makes every day.


"The ILRCC is a role model of organizations wanting to be representative of their membership and driven by needs of the community which they serve. With a clear and consistent understanding of their mandate, their board of directors are representative of their members and have a connection to a larger national and international movement. The ILRCC is well positioned to be one of the strongest advocacy organizations in Calgary. It was a true pleasure to meet with their board members and work alongside them as they continue to move towards their goals"

- Tami Rotheri, Volunteer Facilitator,
Board Development Program, Alberta Culture & Community Spirit

"Individual control and empowerment has been identified as one of the most important factors to the success of community services in facilitating skills development, community and social integration, consumer satisfaction and improvements in quality of life. Services based upon independent living principles are more effective in this regard than traditional, professionally driven services. Advocacy, support and training services provided through IL Centres have been documented as effective in providing the support and skill development necessary to enable people to make effective use of support service programs and to make decisions about their own lives."

- Evaluation and Data Development,
Strategic Policy, Human Resources Development Canada