Dear CCVO supporter,

This morning we launched our latest report on the state of the nonprofit sector Too Essential to Fail and a campaign to ensure relief for organizations facing the effects of the inflation and the pandemic.

 Too Essential to Fail describes a sector in crisis. While other sectors recover, nonprofits juggle heightened demand for services with increasingly complex client needs and decreasing revenues. Between the pandemic, rising inflation and now a looming recession, this essential sector has been dealt blow after blow.

We are calling on the Province for an urgent, one-time top-up of $30 million in immediate relief to protect our programs and services.

Nonprofits provide food and basic needs, settlement and senior supports, sports and recreation, arts and culture, entrepreneurship, environmental health – and more. They are proven, established partners in the delivery of essential services.  They employ nearly 1/20 Albertans and together contribute $5.5 million to the economy every year.

But drowning people can’t save drowning people. After nearly three years of doing more with less, nonprofits and the communities they serve are in crisis. Pandemic supports were not targeted to the sector and failed to meet their needs. Other Provincial investments, such as the Community Initiatives Program, have not kept up with inflation and population growth.     

We are asking for your help, by joining and sharing our call for immediate relief from the Government of Alberta – to ensure the viability of nonprofits for all Albertans.

Thank you for all the great work you do in our community.


Karen Ball

President & CEO, CCVO (Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations)

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